We are looking for a lead software engineer who loves Jesus and wants to build a lean startup at the intersection of faith, community and technology.

Cultivate is a digital platform for growing stronger church communities around mission.

Cultivate emerged out of five years of rapid growth at Saint Thomas Norwich in the UK. Cultivate is a direct response to the challenges churches face when growing a thriving community of faith in the digital age.

We are in the process of creating a world-class product that transforms the way churches cultivate disciples. In order to build a world-class product we need to build a world-class team.

We are looking for the right person to lead the engineering side of our small product team. It doesn't matter where you are or whether you have a computer science degree from Stanford. We are a remote company with a radical culture and we are just looking for someone who is the right fit for our vision and mission.

A vision for a better  future

We have a vision for a better  future—one in which each and every person that walks through the door of a church is warmly welcomed and known by others so that they can experience the love of God. We want to build a tool that allows people to get connected to the heart of church life and be apart of a church family based upon who they are and what they have to offer.

Fueled by the fire of the spirit and through research and human-centered design, we have uncovered a product that we believe can make this vision a reality. This vision is not about us and its not about our community. This vision is about bringing more disciples into God's kingdom.

We're on a mission to make disciples

That's why we exist. We're on a mission to make disciples of Jesus in the digital age. Everything we do is focused on empowering and equipping members of the Body of Christ for acts of service.

We succeed when one of our users comes to know Jesus.

Business is just a vehicle. Technology is just a tool. Design is just a method.

Jesus is the key.

In order to fulfill this mission, we need a software engineer to lead the engineering side of our product team.

Who are we looking for?

What matters most to us is that you've got the chops to deliver a world-class web application and that you are trying to follow Jesus. Everything else is secondary.

In more detail, we are looking for a full-stack software engineer with experience building high-quality production software at scale. You should have:

  • A burning passion for writing clean, elegant server-side code
  • Ability to leverage a design system or front-end framework to build functional user interfaces according to design and product specifications
  • A working knowledge of a variety of technology stacks, their uses and their trade-offs
  • A personal understanding of the power of the church as a vehicle for social good
  • The ability to prioritize ruthlessly and focus on what matters most
  • A critical, analytical mind capable of identifying and mitigating risk

You should have a Github profile / portfolio that demonstrates:

  • Understanding of modern web development practices and technologies, including Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment
  • A balanced mix of front-end and back-end code contributions
  • Ability to collaborate with other developers
  • Ability to collaborate with designers and product managers

What we don't care about

  • Your formal education
  • Your CV
  • Where you live

The role

You will work closely with a product owner and designer to define and build and deploy an MVP for Cultivate for a small beta group of customers. Your roles and responsibilities will include:

  • Defining release scope, feature priorities and phasing—including specific release dates
  • Developing the entire web application in a modern web technology stack
  • Managing the entire QA and deployment pipeline
  • Identifying and fixing bugs in production
  • The overall performance of the application including load times, time to paint, etc.
  • Providing iterative and incremental feature enhancements in production
  • Providing second-level technical customer support

You will be working with an experienced designer and product manager who will provide user stories. You will collaborate with others to determine reasonable release dates.

You will have ample time within your working day to focus, study and code. You will be given autonomy, purpose and support to develop mastery in the areas that matter most to you.

What you won't have to do

We have worked in a variety of companies and have felt the pain of unhealthy work environments. We are very opinionated about the culture of our company and commit that you will won't have to do these things:

  • Work late nights or over the weekend
  • Decipher vague sketches without clear specifications
  • Rush through work to meet unrealistic deadlines
  • Suffer through meeting after meeting
  • Appease a micromanager's annoying requests
  • Drudge through hundreds of slack messages and dozens of emails to figure out what to do next

Who is recruiting?

My name is John Ellison. I'm an American designer and entrepreneur. I dropped out of university to run my first tech startup. It scaled and failed in quick succession. I learned more in 18 months running a startup than I did in all of my years of education combined. So... I never went back to finish my degree.

Instead, I've spent the last 10 years traveling the world and working at the intersection of design, technology and social good. I've designed and built classrooms for children with special needs in India, I've helped a design agency uncover new business opportunities and I built the single largest database of refugee crisis support initiatives with the help of a remote team of volunteers.

More recently, I led a product team through a multi-million dollar acquisition with a San Francisco Bay Area tech startup. I stepped back from my role as lead designer and product manager to discover opportunities locally in the UK and to live a more balanced life in my own timezone.

Little did I know that God would have a massive opportunity waiting for me—an opportunity to combine the deepest parts of my faith with the strongest aspects of my profession.

I speak with humility and confidence when I say that something special is going on here. I'd like to invite you to consider joining us in our journey to see what God is up to...

Get in touch

If you're interested in learning more about this role, please send an email to john@john-ellison.com with:

  • Your full name
  • Where you live
  • A short description of your professional story (2-3 sentences)
  • A short description of your faith journey (2-3 sentences)
  • A link to your Github profile
  • A link to the project you're most proud of
  • Why you want to join Cultivate as a software engineer