Francis Chan’s rebooting of the church is inspiring: To start all over again with a blank sheet of paper and a bible and to reduce church to a zero cost activity and to focus on loving service, prayer, scripture, community and collaboration in mission is a beautiful and bold move in his surrounding context.

There is much to learn from him as we tackle the expense and burden of running historic church buildings amidst the decline of church attendance in many areas across the UK.  The church will need to become more agile and able to function in many different modes.  The attractional gathered model of church is great for helping people to see and experience the plausibility of the gospel today but the challenge will be to stem the tide of consumerist bevaiour and enable each person to be loved, known, equipped and released in mission and service.  

The house church will also need a way in which folks can feel connected to something bigger and to enable mechanisms for story sharing, testimony, prayer, and connectivity around mission.  Either way, technology will play a key role in releasing mission, growing disciples and connecting people.

Infinite opportunity

It is an exciting time, the possibilities are endless: A 24/7 digital prayer room;  crowd sourcing missional initiatives; decentralising mission;  increasing accountability through digital communities;  equipping and teaching through digital platforms; connecting huge networks of Christians together through digital platforms.  

In short, technology can be used to create a Kingdom focussed digital ecosystem that can help share the good news of Jesus and bring transformation to society.  

Cultivate is passionate about exploring the future and equipping the church in this digital age.

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