Discipleship in
the digital age

Challenges of growing church

Running a resourced church in the digital age presents a whole host of leadership challenges. When churches grow, members find it increasingly difficult to feel like they belong. This is a significant obstacle in creating disciples at scale.



Develop a true sense of belonging for members.


Facilitate and maintain genuine relationships.


Match the right people and opportunities to serve at scale.

The Future

Connect with younger audiences.


Prevent pastors from becoming a bottleneck.

Existing Tools

Social media sells member's data, promotes device addiction and doesn't build genuine community

Our solution

Cultivate is a platform for making disciples in the digital age—bringing people together in the everyday stuff of life.

Because that's where disciples are made.

a tailored church experience for every member based on their needs, abilities and interests
help newcomers find their place at your church
show what's on in your church in your member's neighborhood

Our story & design process

Cultivate emerged out of four Design Sprints with two of the UK's top designers and a Silicon valley entrepreneur. Envisioned by a vicar, the project was a response to the challenges of growing genuine community at a thriving church plant in Norwich.


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